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> i dub this ship name to be flower petals in the halls or something

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Hello everyone!

Today, TFD became one year old!

Along the way we’ve had a whole lot of stuff happen, but it’s been a great year and I hope there’s a lot more in the future!

- Mod Spork

Yes Happy Birthday TFD. In other news we should be having some requests up today/in a few moments as well.

~ Mod Fukawa,

Not really related to the birthday but have a poorly drawn Togami


~Mod Egax

this blog has over 5k followers. thanks a bunch for putting up with my horrible work for the majority of the year!
♔Mod Junko

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English voice dubs!

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> it’s true

this post is just a big advertistment for Hatoful HD. y’all should go to bird school

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